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Vernier GO-MOT-TP Go!Motion Teacher Pack (8)

PRICE: 914.70

Vernier GO-MOT-TP Go!Motion Teacher Pack (8) Description

Kit of eight of the Go!Motion motion dectector.

Go!Motion is used to collect position, velocity and acceleration data of moving objects. Go!Motion’s USB port allows for direct connection to a computer’s USB port, which simplifies experiment set up.

Students learn experientially as they graph the motion of a ball, a cart on a ramp, pendulum motion, or themselves. Go!Motion is easy to use, allowing students to focus on learning scientific concepts instead of setting up the lab.
Go!Motion’s head pivots to match the needs of your lab. Flip the head halfway for monitoring the motion of a cart on a track, or flip 180° to record motion data from a tripod.
Use the metal screw mount to attach the Go!Motion to a track, such as the Vernier Dynamics System, for studies of velocity and acceleration.
Go!Motion features reduced noise and automatic temperature compensation to ensure motion readings are continuously accurate.
The sensitivity switch lets you customize settings to your experiment.
Measure motion data as close as 15 cm and as far away as 6 m!
Multiple Connection Options

Go!Motion can be used with:
Windows and Macintosh computers or a LabQuest through the USB port.
LabQuest, LabQuest Mini, LabPro, CBL 2, and TI-Nspire Lab Cradle through the digital port (additional cable required).
Go!Motion can also connect directly to TI graphing calculators (additional cable required for TI-84 Plus/TI-Nspire or other calculators).

Range: 0.15 to 6 m
Resolution: 1 mm
Temperature Compensation: Automatic
Accuracy: 2mm
Ultrasound Frequency: 50 kHz
Speed of Ultrasound Used: 343 m/s
Power Consumption: 51 mA
Power Source: USB or 4 AA batteries

What’s Included
8 Vernier Go!Motion
8 Standard USB cable
Logger Lite software
User manual

Go!Motion is a USB sensor and can plug directly to your computer USB port without the need of an interface.

You can also plug a Go!Motion directly into the USB port on a LabQuest interface.
Go!Motion includes Logger Lite data-collection software.

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