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PRICE: 10.99

HP 9S Description

This entry-level 1-line scientific calculator is perfect for elementary and middle school students taking General Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Geometry or Biology. The HP 9s can quickly solve metric conversions, calculate currency exchange, edit statistics, calculate permutations, combinations and factorials or solve trigonometry and inverse functions. Permitted for use on SAT I, SAT II Math IC/IIC, ACT, PSAT/NMSQT, AP Chemistry/Physics, PLAN, EXPLORE

Key Features

* Simple to use scientific calculator with protective cover
* 6 common metric conversions
* Decimal point selection
* Quick and easy metric conversions for various measurement and number system conversions
* 4 basic operations (+, -, *, /) to solve wide range of problems (fraction calculation to make working with fractions easier, solving logs, powers and roots of equations, plus one button positive and negative sign change key, percentage and pi keys)
* Enables fixing number of decimal points displayed, making it easier to manage/understand the solution or work in engineering mode if needed
* Can edit statistics (finding mean, SD and variance) and calculate permutations, combinations and factorials at the push of a button
* Solves trigonometry and inverse functions
* Works in a variety of system modes rectangular or polar, also degrees, radians and gradients
* Converts data to and from degrees, minutes and seconds, plus can solve in complex mode as well
* Has memory functions for storing and retrieving data and two clear memory options


* Mathematical functions:

* Four operations (+ - x ÷)
* Trigonometric, Inverse-trigonometric
* Hyperbolic, Inverse-hyperbolic
* Polar´Rectangular coordinate Conversion
* Power, Square/Cube root, Square
* Reciprocal, Logarithmic & Exponential
* Percentage, pi
* Memory calculation
* 10 digits for floating point display and 2 digits mantissa for exponential display
* 15-level parentheses & 6 max number of pending operations

* Statistical functions:

* Variable statistics (with Cp, Cpk)
* Friendly operation - Edit mode
* Memory protection while power off
* Automatic power off
* Mutual conversions & calculation of Binary, Octal, Decimal, and Hexadecimal number
* Complex number mode
* Conversion & Calculation in Deg, Rad, Grad
* Time Conversion (D.M.S)
* Decimal Point Selection: "FIX" key
* Probability (nPr, nCr, RND, X!)
* 6 Metric conversions
* Fraction calculation
* Shift decimal function
* Scientific display notation
* Engineering notation
* Internal 12 digits precision

• Volume pricing available. 

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