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School Savers Privacy & Security Principles
School Savers earns your trust by adhering to Privacy & Security Principles that respect your interest in protecting your personal information. This notice is provided on behalf of School Savers

These are our Principles:

Principle 1 - Accountability: We answer to you. Our organization is responsible for personal information under our control and have designated individuals who are held accountable for compliance with the Principles described in this notice.

Principle 2 - Responsiveness: If you have specific questions that are not answered by the material that we disclose here, or in the linked resources, we will address your concerns by inquiries sent to us at: [email protected]

Principle 3 - Openness & Access: We will strive to provide you with convenient access to your personal information to ensure its accuracy and assist you in the management of your affairs.

Principle 4 - Maintaining Safeguards: School Savers will protect your personal information by using appropriate security safeguards. We will remain alert and prepared to adapt these measures to address potential threats, hazards or unauthorized access. You can take added steps to increase your security online and protect your confidential information. Examples of our safeguards are:

  • restricting access to information to persons who need to know the information to provide products or services to you;
  • maintaining physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information; and
  • imposing contractual commitments and procedures that require our service providers to adhere to privacy and security policies consistent with our own.

Principle 5 - Identifying Collection: We obtain personal information about you in order to service your account and enhance our services. Such information includes:

  • applications, forms or other communications that you send us,
  • your transactions with us,
  • data from either a School Savers "cookie" or School Savers service provider's cookie.

Principle 6 - Limiting Collection: We will limit the collection of personal information to that which is necessary for the purposes of providing the products and services you have requested and conducting our business efficiently.

Principle 7 - Limiting Disclosure and Retention: Personal information is retained and disclosed as necessary to serve our customers and otherwise only in accordance with applicable law. Personal information about our customers or former customers is not used or disclosed to any third parties except:

  • as required in rendering the services that you have requested
  • as permitted by law to our service providers (such as to complete our mailings to you-and again, we will select and monitor these vendors in order to maintain the privacy and security of your information);
  • as required by subpoena or law (as to tax authorities, regulators or other government authorities);
  • as may be appropriate to protect against fraud or illegal activity, for the safety of customers, employees, or property, or is otherwise permitted by law; or
  • if you elect to disclose, or specifically direct us to disclose for you, personal information to a third party (as in the case where you request a product or service from a third party after receiving information or a link from School Savers).

Principle 8 - Respecting Your Wishes: School Savers uses email and direct mail as a way of keeping you up-to-date about our product and service innovations and offers that may be of interest to our customers (e.g., new products features or resources). These communications may also offer special incentives that we hope will prompt you to try something new at School Savers. Nonetheless, School Savers maintains a practice of permitting persons to be excluded from such communications, but you will not be dropped from receiving information about the status of your orders, account or service notices.

Principle 9 - Accuracy: We will strive to keep personal information as accurate, complete, and up-to-date as is necessary for its intended purpose.

Principle 10 - Notice: We will provide you with an annual notice in plain language of our Principles and before making any material change.

We may modify our privacy practices occasionally. If we do so, we will communicate any material changes to you.


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